Dragonfly aerial filming & photography is based in Guildford, Surrey - UK operating throughout the UK.

We operate remotely piloted drone aircraft system that can capture stunning footage from vantage points that traditional camera setup can not reach without extreme cost & time. Within an hour of arrival on site, the drone camera can be airbourne capturing unique camera angles, dynamic motion and smooth tracking shoots from the air.

  • Media and Film

    Our expertise and resources for aerial filming combined with our ground based creative film making services at Dragonfly Motion Pictures will ensure your production stands out and is compelling to today’s audiences and their expectations to be wowed.

    As creative filmmakers we can provide unique camera angles, dynamic motion and smooth tracking shoots from the air, which other film making services only dream of.

    The aircraft is quiet and unobtrusive, providing stabilised footage from any angle or height, (up to 120m) and is equally at home 1m above the ground where it becomes a dolly system, able to pan and track over any kind of terrain (even water), without the need or constraints of jibs, tracks, dollies, gantries or the expense and limitation of helicopters.

    Footage is transmitted to a ground station in real-time for clients or directors to line up shots and direct us.

  • Advertising and Promotion

    By adding Dragonfly's aerial footage to our ground based creative advertising films, the aerial photography or footage adds an eye-catching, attention-grabbing and new perspective to your promotional content or advertising campaigns, creating unique and mesmerizing images that captivate your consumer’s attention, making your product or services stand out from your competitors in an ever-increasing competitive market.

    This service is ideal for marketing venues such as golf courses, hotels, tourist attractions, Holiday resorts,   heritage sites, stately homes, sports facilities, hotels or offices.

    Therefore showing them in their natural surroundings or in all its full glory and with the use of spectacular images it will aid your audiences understanding of the services or products that you provide.

  • Events

    Dragonfly's event and aerial event filming service creates magical cinematic films that capture every aspect of your event.  We specialise in weddings, private or corporate events, fairs, sports, races or other outdoor events & activities.

    By adding stunning aerial footage to your event film, images will be captured to portray your event in its entirety and in the contexts of its environment.

    The aerial footage provides instantly eye-catching and mesmerizing images as part of those memories and highlights the success of your event.

    The aerial footage produces a unique record for use in the promotional film for use on your website or social media pages.

    The aerial footage provides a future promotional tool to attract a wide reaching audience other than those merely attending.

  • Documentaries and Factual films

    Our first rule of making a documentary or factual film is not to make one but instead to make a beautiful cinematic art form that tells a story.

    Aerial filming shots are an excellent medium to showcase in documentaries and factual films as they have a unique and power role to play by greatly enhancing the subject matter and establishing it within background scenery or location with sweeping panoramas and this will showcase the dramatic splendor of any environment.

    Our aerial filming goes above, beyond and aids other camera techniques used in documentary and factual film making by capturing diverse, stunning and breathtaking images of the world.

    By adding different camera angles, aerial shots create (and add to) the best of any dramatic, awe inspiring image sequence and help portray and bring alive a storyline for an audience.

    It gives us as filmmakers the added advantages of new and unused angles from which to portray an added perspective for that given subject or humanity storyline within the contexts of its environment.

  • Aerial Surveying & Property Development - Aerial Photogrammetry

    Aerial photogrammetry is used in fields such as topographic mapping, architecture, engineering, manufacturing, quality control and geology to create 3D models, maps, calculate volumes and take measurements.


    Our aerial building surveying service eliminates the need for the expense and time of constructing scaffolding, towers or use of man-lifting hydraulic platforms that can’t always reach those inaccessible areas that are required for inspecting.


    The advantages are that we can also assess multiple areas or locations of any building or buildings at the same time by simply being able to fly around those structures.

    This allows for a fast diagnosis of multiple problems without the delay or expense of having to relocate any access equipment to a new location.


    This service can also provide a way of capturing the construction process for use in promotional content material or for any pre-building planning applications.

  • 360° Property promotional Sales

    Our 360° aerial filming or photography for property promotional sales service is the best way to demonstrate the desirability of your property with aerial photographs or a 360° aerial fly around promotional video of your property.

    Most estate agent property adverts are an ordinary ground level image that doesn’t grab the attention of buyers but by adding the advantages of stunning aerial views of your property from an elevated angle, this will greatly increase the saleability by making it stand out from all the other adverts.

    The 360° aerial photographs or 360° aerial filming will give prospectus buyers a greater understanding of your property, its proportions, its scale, the garden layout and surrounding location that may be a riverside view or surrounded by picturesque countryside.

    Alongside the aerial property service we can combine this with ground based 360° exterior and interior photographs / filming as part of an overall promotional package of your property. Buyers will get the full picture and see the property in its best light before they even view the property in person.


Below are approx example of cost for Aerial Filming. Each project is costed depending on the complexity of the UAV operations and its requirements.

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  • Freelance Aerial Filming Service

    £450 to £900

    Dragonfly offers it aerial filming service as a freelance filming rate to other film & video production company's.


    Cost vary depending on complexity of the UAV operational requirements.

    Contracts available for full or half day filming.

  • Private & Corporate Events

    £600 to £1,200

    As part of Dragonfly Motion Pictures event filming service.


     Dragonfly aerial additional service offers the option to capture dynamic and stunning aerial shots of your event. Adding dramatic & creative flair to your event video.


    That sets your event apart from the rest.

    In doing so, helps express the success of your event to a far greater audience than just those that attended.

  • Advertising Campaigns

    £900 to £1,500

    As part of Dragonfly Motion Pictures filming service.


    Adding aerial footage to your advertising campaign  can have a greater impact on your audiences by say it with style.


    The additional aerial camera angle provides an  alternate perspective on your product, services or company identity.


     Helping to highlight its importance in the market place with added  dramatic & smooth aerial tracking shots.

  • 360° Aerial Photography & Video

    £750 - £1,500

    Dragonfly 360° aerial photography or 360° aerial filming tours adds that extra tool to an online  promotional or  advertising campaign for property development, property sales or business promotion.


    Combing multiple 360° photography or video panorama's  into an online tour with information points, website links, product information, floor plans, Google maps, additional traditional video shoots all create tour a linear walk-through of any  location or environment that an audience can immerse themselves in your product, services or business.

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