Our drone aerial filming pilots are qualified with permission by the CAA to operate for the purpose of commercially filming. Fully insured with public liability.


Every aerial UAV filming operation & its location are different and require us to carry out a pre planning stage which takes into account the environment, airspace and the type of activity that is required to be filmed.


Some key points to UAV operations as outlines in the CAA-UK REGULATIONS CAP 393 ARTICLE 167 / 166


1) We are only aloud to fly on / over land with the landowners permission obtained.

2) We are allowed to operate to 120m (400ft) altitude from point of take-off, we can get exemptions to fly higher with application to the CAA, this takes time and additional cost.

3) The aircraft must be flown within 500m of the pilots position maintaining unaided visual line of sight with the aircraft at all times.

4) We can fly within 150m of urban environments as our aircraft does not exceed 7kg with out HD camera on-board.

5) But we are not allow to fly directly over (at any height) or within 50m of any person, vessel, vehicle or structure which is not directly under our control and only over those people that have been brief with all aspects of the UAV operational procedures & safety procedures.

6) With special safe case application to & with approval of the CAA we are allowed to fly within 150m of an open-air assemblies of crowd over 1,000 in attendance.

7) We must have a 30m secured take-off & landing area with an alternate safe take-off & landing area.

8) We must consider the airspace in which the intended flight and location is to take place as we may require Air Traffic Control permission (application, notification and permission) when flying in close proximity to airport / airfields or other flying activity (take-off & landing areas), NOTAMs, flight restriction areas, low flying aircraft, controlled airspace and other hazards associated with the proposed flight area.


The pilot in command & the Accountable Manager James Orrow is responsible for supervising all aspects of UAV operations and has absolute authority at all stages of the operation and can reject a flight based any personnel, 3rd party, weather condition, safety issues or any perceived violation of CAA-UK regulation.

He will only fly the aircraft if he is reasonably satisfied that the flight can be made safely.


If a company is not able or willing to provide you with their "CAA Permission for aerial work" (PFAW) document, then they are operating illegally and outside of CAA legislation and will therefore not be insured.



Flight Planning

& Preparation

Site Survey Assessments

Risk Management


Weather  Assessments

Briefing &Emergency Procedure.

Drone Safe Registered In Association With

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As seen on Dragons Den
As seen on Dragons Den